Our Mission is to support individuals that have experienced childhood domestic violence and mental illness as a result.

Domestic violence is a huge issue effecting society and much of it is talked about without mentioning how it directly effects any children involved.

1 in 3 children living in a home with domestic violence will have a mental illness as a result. Domestic violence affects 1.8 million children across the UK and experiencing this at such an early stage in their lives can have devastating effect on their future.

Here at Free Your Mind we are determined to redress this problem by providing the tools, support and community to help people rebuild their sense of self, and to empower them by providing a number of Holistic Therapies such as Mindfulness CBT, EFT Tapping and Meditation, Reiki.

Every pound donated will go towards helping us to improve the self esteem and well being of young people and adults.

Our Workshops will give you a chance to explore your past and present with an aim to provide you with tools to move forward with purpose.

We are extremely proud to have great partners: