I woke up today with more demands

                  I woke up today with more demands on me than I went to sleep with. I woke up today feeling more deflated than I did last night and not in mood to talk about it. As usual I carried on getting work done and but came […]

Try not to spend too long

                      Try not to spend too long upset about the opportunities that you don’t get or the people that leave your life. What is meant for you will never pass you. ❤️

Everyone has a story

                    Everyone has a story and reasons for why they are, the way that they are. Try to find out more about them before you judge and dismiss them. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Try to be understanding, try to be kind. […]

Healing takes time

                      Healing takes time, it takes practice it takes love.. (at www.freeyourmindcic.com)

When you have a gut feeling

                      When you have a gut feeling to follow your passion or your instinct about something, you will find that many people will tell you not to do it and point out all the risks and negatives to why you shouldn’t. I remember when I […]

The only picture I have

The only picture I have of me speaking at the UKCP ‘Listen to my Story event’ in York this weekend, sharing about my own story, @freeyourmindcic and how sharing our stories can be empowering. Talking with my hands as always lol ? Not the greatest pic, but it’s a moment I feel vey proud of […]

Sleep has always been a bone

          Sleep has always been a bone of contention for me. There’s nothing worse than lying there thinking of everything and nothing knowing you have to be up early. In my latest video I give a few tips on how you can get a better sleep at night, but I thought […]

The stories we tell literally

“The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story.“ –Michael Margolis Inside everyone is a story, a story that connects your life with the world. When we share our story a higher level of connection is created, a bond that connects deeper and […]

The curse of the Hero Complex

                                  Recently I’ve had to face a demon I’ve been hiding from, an issue I’ve had for a while. In the past friends used to take the mick out of me and say I wanted to save the world […]