There are parts of our story

            There are parts of our story which may remain with us, we may be itching for those things to go away, we may be ashamed of those scars, but scars tell you so many things.That you were bigger than the thing that tried to ruin you, stronger so you […]

The truth is we are all imperfect

The truth is we are all imperfect, The truth is that we all make mistakes, The truth is that we will hurt each other, unintentionally, for some it maybe intentional, The truth is that we will let each other down sometimes, The truth is we will make errors of judgement, The truth is that we […]

Confronting feelings of hurt

Confronting feelings of hurt and pain can be scary, but it can bring us a better understanding of ourselves, healing, growth, peace, & love ❤️ (at

Do you ever have days

Do you ever have days where you wake up feeling a little lost? Thinking about everything and nothing. You can’t even pin your thoughts down, but something inside doesn’t feel quite right, you feel unsettled. That is your body and mind telling you to slow down because it is tired. Retreat and take time out […]

Beautiful skies at night

        Beautiful skies at night like this, make you wish you had someone to appreciate them with. ❤️

It’s been a long time

It’s been a long time since I got flowers so I brought some for myself today my favourite the Sunflower! The sunflower purposely moves itself in the most direct position in front of the sun, so it can get the maximum sun rays. This is symbolic of spiritual faith, because we follow our belief system […]

Keep telling someone something

Keep telling someone something about themselves, or treating them a certain way and they will start to believe it, or at least believe that is how you feel about them. This can work positively or negatively. It is our own responsibility for how we behave towards others. Try building someone up instead of tearing them […]

I’m not your typical entrepreneur

I’m not your typical entrepreneur, I didn’t foresee this happening, I told a friend I would never run my own business. I just didn’t see my self as that ‘type’ of person. I didn’t grow up with a ‘dream’ every day was just a matter of surviving the next. I fell into this world by […]

I’m not sad or anything

I’m not sad or anything, but sometimes my mind wonders back to sad moments around the time of my breakdown and for a moment it makes me feel sad that I’ll never be the same again. I’ll always be a bit more cautious and wary now, I’ll never call everyone my friend, I’ll always be […]