Many children who are exposed to domestic violence major mental health problems and social problems in their lives and we are here to drive a campaign to support them.

Do you know how helpless it feels to be a child of Domestic Violence?

It leaves you feeling helpless, scared, anxious, and angry and so many more things. Witnessing Domestic Violence as a child can have devastating effects on their future resulting, creating social problems, developmental, self esteem and mental health issues.

The majority of children witness the violence that is occurring, and in 90% of cases they are in the same or next room (Hughes, 1992)

All children witnessing domestic violence are being emotionally abused.


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How can you help?

Are you a child of Domestic Violence? Can you help us by sharing your story either in writing or joining our video campaign and telling your story to camera (we can hide your identity if necessary)?

We ask everyone to be mindful to offer your help and support and show kindness.

Protection services: Ensure that, when looking at the welfare of a parent that has been the victim of domestic violence that the child’s well being and mental health is taken care of.

Schools: Be mindful, be open minded look out for signs that there may be more to a child’s destructive behaviour and anger issues.

It takes a whole community to raise a child, do not ignore what you see because it doesn’t directly affect you!