~ Change Someone’s Life ~

Every donation made, will go towards helping us to improve the self esteem and well being of children and young people effected by the trauma of Childhood Domestic Violence to help them to rebuild their lives.


£1 every pound given, counts towards us being able to make a difference a young persons life.

£12 will enable us to pay for a young person to travel and come along to one of our mental health support groups in London.

£15 will enable a young person or adult the opportunity to attend the workshop, teaching young people how to look after their own well being and how to express their feelings through creative writing.

£25 helps us to give a young person a one to one support session to help them find the tools to heal from the trauma of their childhood.

£50 will help us to provide a young person with counselling to help them to heal from their experiences and to eventually lead a healthy and happier life