A charitable Legacy

Leaving a charitable legacy that will support the children and young people at Free Your Mind is an incredible thing to do and leaves you achieving amazing things when you are gone. Thank you for considering leaving us a gift in your will. Gifts of all sizes are gratefully received and are vital to the continuation of our work.

By leaving a gift to Free Your Mind, you are enabling us to continue to help children and young people rebuild their lives following the trauma of domestic abuse for years to come. Imagine a future where you continue playing a part in helping hundreds of children and young people through some of the toughest times, allowing us to reach those who need our support the most.



Think about what type of gift you want to leave to your chosen charities, such as Free Your Mind. There are different types of gift you can leave. We are grateful for all types of support. Speak to your solicitor if you’re interested in leaving an alternative type of gift. If you would like your gift to be spent in a specific way at Free Your Mind, please speak to us.


If you choose to leave a charitable gift in your will to Free Your mind, please do let us know and it helps us to plan for the ahead and to be able to personally thank you for your generosity. Email us at info@freeyourmind.com.