Is it normal?

I always feel that I want to talk to someone, but who? My best friend has another best friend and when I need her, she can’t talk. In the past, I used to hurt myself because I was feeling sad and wanted to forget the saddness with the pain… it “worked”. I almost passed away because I did not want to live anymore, the people who I tought be my friends, turned away and I was alone. My parents never asked to me how I was feeling, they just wanted to know about my grades at school.  Now that I’m in college, it’s the same, without hurt myself (I don’t want to do this anymore)… I’m still have the need to talk to someone because I want to cry everytime I remember some situations. Sometimes my friend help me but just via internet because she lives in another country. So, when she is busy or something, it’s really hard when I need to say something and she is not around and I can’t talk to my parents, I don’t know how. In the outside, it looks that I’m a normal and happy girl, but inside, it’s totally different. It’s a mess. So, when I am upset, I always feel anxiety and want to cut myself again but I don’t do this because I remember how sad that time was… I need to be strong but I have fear to do it again. I hope someone can help me someday.

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  1. Natasha Reply

    Hey, i understand how you are feeling, i have been there once, people leaving me behind, finding new friends. The best thing I did was learn to become friends with myself, treat myself nice, do things i like, learn more about me. Watch movies you enjoy eat nice food, go for walks whatever i wanted to do!. Indulge and be nice to you. Get into the habit of doing these things and before you know it you will be the best friend you have ever had. Thats not to say you shouldnt welcome friends into your life, but being in this place will help you to attract the right people who are loyal. I hope this helps. Keep going you are worth it xxx

  2. Nadiax1 Reply

    Hi Larissa, I know what it feels like to be alone. Sometimes I think I am worthless, I cry a lot, but it’s OK to let your feelings out. However self-harming is really serious. In my opinion, I don’t think you should throw your life away like that. You’re in college now; you’ve made it this far and you should be so proud if yourself. Always remember to stay positive and keep trying. ?
    Keep hoping because one day it WILL get better. ?

    • Larissa Reply

      Thank you for your words Nadiax1 ! I’m feeling better now, just sometimes that I feel down again. Thank you for your comment ?

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