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Natasha Benjamin, Founder & Managing Director of Free Your Mind started the organisation from a blog where she shared her experiences of living with Domestic Abuse in the home and the effects it had on her mental health. This has since grown into the wonderful organisation that we are today. The power of sharing can have a huge impact on us all. Everyday someone finds themselves in a situation that causes them to lose their confidence or sense of wellbeing, whether it is Domestic Abuse, mental health, bullying or personal loss. By sharing our stories, we highlight important issues, reaching people who are also suffering in the same way. Your story may be a few sentences, paragraphs or pages – tell us as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing. You can remain anonymous if you wish to.

Your story may be read by someone feeling the same way, experiencing the same things and it may encourage them too to speak about their experiences and feelings. We would love to hear your stories and share them with others! If you would like to write a blog post to be featured on our website, you can share your story using the form below.

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