5 Great reasons to start a blog today


1. Blogging can help you to release bottled up emotions through the method of writing them out. Situations can upset us but we don’t always immediately want to talk to someone about it, but we may still want to express how it made us feel.
Blogging is great because you can offload (and go over things as many times as you
wish) before things completely overwhelm you.

2. It helps you gain perspective; blogging really helped me when I had no idea where to start with my thoughts. Seeing my feelings written down helped me to process things and make sense of them better. I like to ‘free write’ when I’m stressed to help to clear my mind of my thoughts and it’s always interesting to see what comes out.
Blogging has also helped me make peace with my adverse childhood, being able to write about my experience has helped me to come to terms with it.

3. It helps you to find your creative side, get in touch with hidden passions and discover other people who also enjoy the same things.
I never realised how much I enjoyed poetry, until I began my blog, I don’t write it often, but every now again, something will come along which will inspire me to write something. You can also use your blog to raise awareness of subjects that are important to you, write about new experiences, post pictures you like, and upload videos you enjoy to share with others.

4. Blogging helps you to connect and communicate with other people and meet new friends.
I had no idea how many other people grew up with Domestic Violence like I did, that were also dealing with a mental illness, until I started my blog.
Talking about my own experience helped others to open up and many people got in touch with me to tell me of their own story; a few are now very close friends.

‘When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.” ― Iyanla Vanzant

5. Blogging is awesome because you can do it almost anywhere at any time!
With the age of smart phones, we are now able to blog on the go, so why wait, start your blogging journey now at: www.freeyourmindcic.com/blog/

Natasha K Benjamin – Founder of Free Your Mind CIC

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