One of my biggest ‘regrets’


One of my biggest ‘regrets’ or lessons I would call it, is wasting time on the wrong people. Waiting for things to change, wanting them to reciprocate or love me and seeing what I could do to influence that I have to laugh at some the cringy moments I’ve had doing this. This has cost me a lot of heartache and even more so in time. Often spending years holding out on the wrong person, but luckily I had a big realisation that you can’t make anyone change, you can’t always even influence it.

They have to want to change for anything else to and often when you look back you think ‘what on earth was I thinking?!’
These people also block the right person for you, from getting to you, so we owe to ourselves to stop breaking our own hearts and find the courage to walk away from these destroying situations and be open to love that isn’t a struggle or full of pain. The right one for me isn’t here yet, (well he hasn’t made himself known lol) but at least now the wrong one isn’t blocking his path. Stop holding on to people who keep letting you go and don’t want to invest in you and be patient for what you deserve to come.

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