I’m not your typical entrepreneur

I’m not your typical entrepreneur, I didn’t foresee this happening, I told a friend I would never run my own business. I just didn’t see my self as that ‘type’ of person.
I didn’t grow up with a ‘dream’ every day was just a matter of surviving the next.
I fell into this world by accident and sometimes it feels uncomfortable, it’s like a surreal roller-coaster ride!
At times I feel like an unwelcome guest, because I don’t feel like I exude confidence (the nerves are on the inside) or do big ‘you can do it’ articulate motivational speeches. I tell my honest, mistake filled, sad, crazy story, which usually ends up with me crying!
My experience of childhood domestic violence and my mental illness break down brought me here in a unconventional way.
I could see that there was no support for children that had lived with Domestic violence so I decided to create support myself, all whilst recovering from a breakdown. It was part of my healing process.
I am very passionate about the issue and sometimes it upsets me when I see that people who were doing one thing, have seen it as ‘fashionable’ and have unpassionately started to I guess bandwagon jump.
What I do comes from my heart, which I know has its pros and cons, so it makes me very aware and cautious of everything around me. I’ve learned a lot from my breakdown.
As I said before there’s this pressure to exude perfection and professionalism, being professional is a very good thing, but I did get this far by being honest about who I am. I don’t know if that sits well with everyone, but I tried to fake it and it made everyone else happy but not myself.
It’s not worth it, I would rather be me; warts, ‘blonde moments’ clumsiness, moments of just being human and all.
I feel very blessed that along with it that I’ve managed to inspire people at the same time.
I don’t want to ‘role model’ perfection, I want to ‘role model’ genuine authenticity, by being honestly who I am and not being worried about who likes it.

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