When you have been a certain way


When you have been a certain way, and have thought a certain way for so long it takes a long time of unlearning those habits to change. It takes a little effort day by day to make a big difference. For example I have lived with the anxiety of PTSD all my life as a little girl so I don’t know any different I don’t know what life is like without anxiety, so it’s taking me a lifetime to change what I’ve learned.
And I can tell you what it feels like, little by little, day by day, when I make a big effort to try to combat how it effects my life by replacing it with something else like exercise, writing in my blog, listening to 80s cheesy music ?, mindfulness, treating myself and having some time out. It is freeing, I feel at ease, I feel light, like anything good is possible so I know it’s worth it to try because I prefer when I feel this way. ? It’s not easy, you may face set backs but the difference will be worth it and will show in the end. Nothing good comes easy and the effort to break bad habits of harmful behaviour and thoughts is definitely one of those things. Don’t beat yourself up, just never stop trying.

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