Sometimes Strength Is…

Fighting those negative thoughts that creep in and twist every single little thing into a huge thing to worry about.

It’s tiring, but today I won the battle. I won it yesterday and I hope it will be the same tomorrow.

One thought at a time. One day at a time.

1 thought on “Sometimes Strength Is…

  1. Mark Higham Reply

    Just a little extract from one of my poems , I hope it makes sense and context to your post …please let me know your thoughts on this .
    ” There is a darkness than the one we fight , it is the darkness of the soul that’s lost its way .
    The war we fight is not against powers or principalities , it is against chaos and despair .
    Greater than the death of the flesh is the death of hope and dreams ”
    We all hope for better days , it’s not easy living in the moment ( the here and now ) but the moments of happiness can be found in our most bleakest of days , those moments are there and all we must do is notice the feelings of change and sieze them , maybe it’ll change a bad day into a great day of revelation .

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