Here at Free Your Mind we are determined to redress this problem by providing the tools, support and community to help people rebuild their sense of self, and to empower them by teaching and advocating self-care and helping them to share their experience.

Free Your Mind is a registered Community Interest Company, founded by Natasha Benjamin in 2013 when she began a personal blog which grew in following and Free your Mind was born.

‘Once I knew that my recovery was my responsibility I started to understand and take control of my life and the way I was living it and I want to help, guide and encourage others to do the same.’

Our Mission

Free Your Mind’s mission is to support individuals that have experienced childhood domestic violence and mental illness as a result.

1 in 3 children will have an issue with mental illness directly linked to the experience of seeing domestic violence at home. On a whole 1.8 million children are affected across the UK.

Free Your Mind’s mission is to support individuals that suffer with mental illness due to the traumatic experience of childhood domestic violence. Through our workshops, awareness campaigns and support services, we aim to give them the tools to look after their own happiness and well being, and to promote the importance of having healthy relationships.

Those who have grown up with domestic violence, abuse and mental illness, know and have seen life in ways so many others won’t, they know a pain and perspective so many never will. You could say that those people have had a lucky escape, but we are the lucky ones.

WE have faced incredible, tragedy, pain, confusion hurt and sadness and we are still here, still going, still trying, still breathing.