Mandy Thomas – Author, Artist and Activist

We are extremely honoured and happy to announce our Patron Mandy Thomas to Free Your Mind, who has worked tirelessly to campaign for the rights of women and children affected by Domestic Violence.

“Working alongside Natasha Benjamin at Free Your Mind, this passion comes from a deep rooted place in my heart. The Government has chosen to ignore the effects of Domestic Violence on children and we need more of an understanding on these matters as it affects a great number of children in a myriad of different ways.

I am a parent ambassador for Free Your Mind because I have buried two children due to a failing government.

We need to support nurture and educate all children on life skills as when you have a lived experience of something it provides you with inside knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. The Government need to be listening to these children and adults; we are the consequences of a failing justice system. We can choose to curl up and hide or openly fight for our rights. I choose to fight for justice.

I speak out on all media forms about many related subjects concerning Domestic Violence because it’s endless and destructive if not dealt with, with compassion and understanding. I survived for PURPOSE and my mission is to get into the minds of those who create the laws and justice to make them see their mistakes and what needs to be done to put human worth on the top of the agenda; a complete overhaul is needed in all sectors to take these subjects seriously. Victims are not victims by choice, whether you are a baby in a womb or a fully grown adult. We as a United Kingdom need to support the suffering. We need a United Voice for change, all broken souls need the right kind of love and nurturing counselling, for a positive outcome.

Professionals with the right skills are few and far between, we need more people like those on our team here at Free Your Mind. Time is our most precious gift.

How we use it defines who we are soulfully; too many lives have been taken because of this spreading disease. It is time for change, we are worthy.”